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About Robert Steward

Robert’s Story

Robert Steward is President & CEO of Integra Advanced Technology Services, an industry-leading IT and Program Management firm that provides cutting-edge technology solutions to iconic global brands and government agencies.

Robert Steward’s commitment to leveling the playing field in the technology industry has been the catalyst for his success.  As a young kid growing up in Clinton, Missouri in a poor and segregated environment, he was known for his curiosity and creative ideas that always challenged others to look beyond what meets the eye to deliver the best solutions. His passion, fueled from his early years led to Mr. Steward founding Integra Advanced Technology Services.

While working on large projects and providing solutions for the most complex IT programs, Mr. Steward saw numerous shortfalls in the way that projects and resources were managed. This caused him to work tirelessly with his developers to create proprietary technology that would increase organizational program management efficiencies. This app, IBIS, provides organizations an online platform to manage a variety of operational functions in one location, delivering business continuity and impactful execution.  IBIS has increased the bottom line for numerous Fortune 500 companies in the cybersecurity, information technology and telecommunications fields.

Through his work over the past two decades Mr. Steward saw first-hand how difficult it was to hire talented, ready and creative individuals with skills in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (S.T.E.A.M) fields. This discovery led him to partnering with educators from higher education, including those from his alma mater Mid-America Nazarene University, to create a roadmap to get more S.T.E.A.M students ready for the workforce in emerging and in-demand fields where he notice the greatest shortages. He used his extensive relationships with academia, industry and the Federal Government to address the need and decrease in the workforce personnel gap.

Mr. Steward realized the sweeping need for more programs across the country that would help decrease the workforce personnel gap, while also creating paths to high paying jobs that did not require a four-year degree. He created a top-ranked podcast titled HACKED, where he interviews global industry leaders who share best practices and sound advice for the generation of leaders in S.T.E.A.M fields.

Mr. Stewards business acumen and passion for local and global philanthropic efforts are a product of three invaluable lessons learned from his family: Entrepreneurship, Service and Innovation. From his father, a mechanic, he learned how technical prowess and entrepreneurship could go hand-in-hand. From his mother he learned the importance of serving others. From his brother Dave’s success in creating one of the nations most successful African-American owned companies, he learned how innovation, service and a solid work ethic could foster success.

As a director of the Steward Family Foundation, Mr. Steward oversees programs both nationally and globally that are focused on developing the next generation of leaders while promoting S.T.E.A.M and core values of character. Through his role, he ensures that the Foundation stays true to its vision of delivering opportunities for students from environments similar to those where he was raised.

Mr. Steward’s work has led to numerous recognitions and awards. Most recently, Verizon honored Mr. Steward’s leadership by presenting him with the EDGE Mentoring Award for Small Business.

Outside of the being CEO of Integra Advanced Technology Services, Mr. Steward is also a musician and global philanthropist who lives his life grounded on core values and biblical principles. Mr. Steward is a Six Sigma Black Belt and a graduate of the MBE program at Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College.