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Hacks to Finding and Pursuing Your Gift with Dr. Art McCoy

November 26, 2019

Hacks to Finding and Pursuing Your Gift with Dr. Art McCoy

In this episode of HACKED we had the great privilege of talking with Dr. Art McCoy, Superintendent of Jennings School District, nationally recognized education consultant, and author.

His story is very unconventional, but very motivating. He began his career at only 19 years old, reportedly as the youngest certified teacher in the State of Missouri, as a high school math teacher. In 2016, he became Superintendent of Jennings School District, which has achieved 100% graduation, career, and college placement in 2017 and 2018.

He is considered a champion for students and an inspiring education leader, in fact, he has led over 120,000 students in the St. Louis region and supported over 1 million students and 2,500 schools and colleges across America. Dr. McCoy is extremely invested and passionate about what he does and that is visible through all he has done over the years and continues to do.

In thisĀ episode you will learn:

  • The importance of laying a solid foundation for our youth
  • The ability of being unique and authentic and be proud of it
  • To be sufficient; you have everything you need to succeed
  • How to find your gift, and what that means going forward
  • The importance of life-long learning and its meaning
  • And much more…