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Hacks to Impact the Community through Social Work with Samantha Stangl

November 5, 2019

Hacks to Impact the Community through Social Work with Samantha Stangl

In this episode of HACKED we speak with Samantha Stangl, program manager at the Clark Foundation which supports the growth and prosperity of the St. Louis metropolitan region through research, program development and investments in PK-12, higher education, public health, immigration, social justice and racial equity, community leadership, and entrepreneurship.

Samantha is a Bachelor graduate in Social Work from the University of Iowa and a Master graduate in Social Work from the Washington University in St. Louis.

She is an expert on the subject on mass incarceration, and the negative impact on the workforce, education, public health and generational poverty. Over the years she shared her passion for this job by providing direct social work in a lot of the areas listed above. She not only used her gift and love to help others by serving with different organizations and providing real help to those in need, but she has also spoken to over 5,000 community leaders and stakeholders about mass incarceration.

In thisĀ episode you will learn:

  • How impactful social workers are
  • How to use your love for helping others and put it to use by becoming a social worker
  • The true meaning of being a social worker
  • How the criminal justice system has evolved over the years
  • How the modernize world brought new problems to light
  • And lots moreā€¦