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Hacks to Starting a Business at Any Age with Sidney Keys III

October 23, 2019

Hacks to Starting a Business at Any Age with Sidney Keys III

In this episode of HACKED we speak with Sidney Keys III, the 13 year old entrepreneur who turned who love for books into a successful business.

Sidney Keys III, 13 year old rising entrepreneur, decided to take his love for reading to the next level and create Books n Bros Reading Club at the young age of 10! Having multiple meet ups with different boys, ages 7-13 years old, he is paving the way for change.

Books n Bros is not only encouraging literacy within Black Culture & African American Literature, but also Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy and Endless Possibilities!

In thisĀ episode you will learn:

  • Tips to starting your own business at any age
  • Secrets to building confidence to turn your dreams into reality
  • How to be brave when others doubt you
  • The power of reading and why you should continue reading at every age
  • How social media can impact your life and career path
  • The keys to using technology to create a better career
  • How to level up and ensure success
  • How to develop an entrepreneurial spirit and how to use it to your advantage
  • Ways to use books to unlock your imagination
  • And lots moreā€¦